Hello 2018!

Hello 2018!

the dental diaries//hello2018!


Hello 2018!!


It’s been an amazing 6 months since my last post!!   I am officially the proud owner of 3 AWESOME businesses PLUS I’m busy hustling to create content for an exciting launch!  (Stay tuned!!)  We are only 1 month into 2018 and I feel energized and optimistic about what’s in store!!


Need reminding of what my 3 businesses are?  Sugar Fix Dental Loft is my first business!!  I practice 3-4 days a week and I positively LOVE the space & white-glove service model that I’ve created for my patients.  My second business is dental soiree.  Dental soiree was created out of my passion for social media & marketing…and I wanted to share that passion and knowledge with other dentists.  I’ve created another loft space for dental soiree, so that when I work there I am surrounded by loads of creativity and inspiration to help other dentists!


My third business is my newest…

I’ve become a Rodan & Fields consultant.  Adding this to my repertoire made so much sense…my world revolves around SMILES!!!  Being able to provide people with their amazing products is yet another way to enhance smiles!  (and lashes…have you ever tried their Lash Boost?  OMG!  It’s truly life changing!!)  If you want to know more, check out my new website called SMILES AND LASHES (it will be live soon, so keep checking!)  I would LOVE to introduce you Rodan & Fields.  I hope you’re not exhausted yet, because I’m so exhilarated to tell you… I’m working like crazy on ANOTHER business!  That one I’m going to keep you waiting for, but I’ll be launching it soon, so stay tuned!!

the dental diaries//hello 2018!


On a personal note…

my kids are growing like weeds!  They are active children and honestly, every day they touch me with how smart they are!  All 3 of them are creative, loving, and kind children and I could not be more proud of them!  Here’s a picture of my gorgeous hubby and our girls from a skiing trip they took last weekend!


the dental diaries//hello 2018!


On a final note…

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve changed something pretty major!  I decided to start 2018 off with a bang, LITERALLY!!  I now have bangs and I LOVE THEM!!  It’s such a nice change (thank you JWade for always making my hair look amazing!!)!

the dental diaries//hello 2018!


That’s it for now…Stay tuned & stay in touch!




Summer In The City!

Summer In The City!

July is here and what an amazing first month of summer it has been!

Between Cubs games at Wrigley Field, vacations, and some BBQ action, we have to say we’re loving summer in the city!

Chicago has always been known for its beautiful summer days and nights, not only because of the weather but because the city just becomes alive. We all break out of our shell from the gloomy winter and become smiling faces making our way out to the local beaches and rooftop patios.

Sugar Fix Dental Loft has been a busy spot in Lakeview. In between our patient’s vacation schedules, they are loving their summer smiles when they head out of our doors. Dr. Jessica Emery has been busy creating some amazing Smiles Makeovers her at The Loft! Whether it

Dr. Jessica Emery has been busy creating some amazing Smiles Makeovers here at The Loft! There have been quite a few new Invisalign cases with our amazing service Propel, which expedites your Invisalign process. Almost cutting your treatment time IN HALF! How could you say no to that? As well as full mouth cosmetic veneer cases!

As the summer season has continued on, dental soiree has been having fun with their clients! They were recently in Lafayette, Louisiana for a trip down to go visit Dr. Lindsey Saterfeil of Mint Dental Boutique. She is in the process of building her brand and her new office. And we must say, it lookings SO GOOD!

Part of the soiree team in Louisiana!

And it looks the soiree squad had a blast. Curious on how to follow them and keep up to date on their whereabouts? Make sure to follow them on social media!

dental soiree Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and on Snapchat too! Follow @DRJESSICAEMERY to stay connected!

Want to see what the Sugar Squad is up to as well? Look below : )

Sugar Fix Facebook * Twitter * Instagram.


Until next time,


The Dental Diaries

Change in My World

Change in My World

Change is hard.


I couldn’t wait for 2017 to get here.  I had a relatively newish team in January at work & was so excited to make 2017 our best year yet.  I couldn’t wait to make changes to my diet & exercise habits in 2017.  I also was excited to work more closely with Andrew on incorporating more “play” into our world.


the dental diaries//change


And here I find myself on March 8, already onto the 3rd chapter in my 12 month 2017 book, and I’m realizing that things are STILL changing in my world.

the dental diaries// change


My team is STILL changing.  No matter the reason for the change, the consequence is the same.  And that is- change is hard.  As much as I want Sugar Fix to be for everyone, I do realize that this is an impossible goal.  Whether someone leaves because I had to let them go or if they left on their own, it is still extremely personal for me.  This is my business that I’ve grown from the ground-up.  I didn’t purchase a practice with an already established patient list from anyone.  I literally built Sugar Fix from absolutely nothing but passion, total attention to detail, and incredible amounts of hard work.  I’ve earned the trust of incredible people to take care of their health and I’m so tremendously grateful for that.  As necessary as it may be, a change in staffing is a hard pill to swallow.


My diet and exercise habits are still going strong.  I incorporated exercise into my weekly agenda and those sessions are pretty much written in stone now.  I am starting to see the changes that I had been wanting.  More than anything, I am feeling stronger physically.  Has it been easy getting out of bed at 5.20 in the morning?  Heavens NO!  Change is hard.


the dental diaries//change


Lastly, on a VERY personal note…Andrew and I have been trying so hard to make sure we have more “play” in our world.  That is with the kids as well as with each other.  As a small business owner as well as as the parents of 3 children under the age of 10, sometimes things can get to feeling pretty stressful (to say the least!).  We enrolled the kids in music lessons after school and they are having a ball at them!  It’s a big treat to hear them during these lessons!  We also enrolled Paige in gymnastics class- it is so much fun seeing her out there LOVING all that she’s doing!  Andrew has been taking the kids skiing which is so fun for all of them.  And on Sundays, Andrew & I have date night.  For some reason…this is the only change that hasn’t felt hard at all.  Our family is so precious to us and doing things together as a family and as a couple is so natural and right and good.



the dental diaries//change



the dental diaries// change



the dental diaries// change


And with that…I’m out for now!  See you next week,

Jessica  xo




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