Cosmetic dentist, devoted wife, mother of three, loving daughter, caring sister, eager entrepreneur, boss lady, avid runner.. The list goes on and on for Dr. Jessica T. Emery, founder and owner of Chicago’s premier dental practice, Sugar Fix Dental Loft. Dr. Emery is a fun, fearless female who has made it her mission to have it all. And no, she is not apologetic about wanting the most out of life. We all get one life, why not live it up and do as much as possible?

Dr. Emery has a passion for the social scene and loves the opportunity to connect with her followers. She loves to have a platform that can bring a sense of connection to one another and provide a sneak peak into her life. Dr. Emery‚Äôs world revolves around teeth and smiling and when you take one glance at Dr. Emery’s social media, you can see how she lives her life with a mission to bring more smiles into the world. Allowing her patients and followers into her daily life of dental, travel, adventure, and family moments.