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Is Fabletics Truly Fab?

If you are anything like me, you may have a slight obsession with athletic clothes. It feels like a pair of yoga pants is a common go to in a woman’s closet these days. May it be for lounging, running errands, or actually going to work out. But instead of a common pair of black leggings, there is a company called Fabletics that gives you a whole new world of work out apparel. Fabletics is a member-based online store for fitness apparel co-created by actress Kate Hudson. It is a branch off of the well known online shoe company, JustFab. How it works, is when signing up, you take a small survey and what type of style you are, your sizing, and what you are most interested in finding. They calculate outfits for you to pick from, and you’re on your way to browsing a wide selection of fun tops, adorable sports bras, and fun workout accessories. They have promotions going on a great deal of the time, with your first outfit being $25. After you receive your first one, every month after that is $49.95. With that price, you can either do one of two options. You can pick out an entire outfit that they have paired together, or you are able to pick single items. They have pages of cute, fun, and crazy colored workout gear, it’s...

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Dental Diaries Reviews Rent The Runway

We all have dresses that we wear over and over again that we just love in our closet. But the moment that we get a special invite, the first thing that usually goes through a girl’s mind is, I need a new dress.And what better option is there, then going through hundreds of designer dresses, and renting them for half the price? Rent The Runway is where you are able to go online and go through pages of dresses for you to decide on what type you are in need of. Do you have a black tie wedding coming...

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What Makes Us Smile? The Truth Behind That Smile!

“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.” William Arthur Ward penned that phrase that we think is just perfect! It’s true that no matter where you are in the world, smiles are universal. And that TRULY makes us smile! Want to know what else makes us smile? The fact that there is scientific research that supports the benefits that smiling has on people! Did you know that there is science that actually supports the important benefits of smiling? Smiles can use up to 53 different muscles! Wow! Smiling can also help boost your immune system! Therapists even suggest that if a person can force themselves to smile while experiencing a low mood, they can feel a marked difference in their spirit. Smiles relieve stress in a person as endorphins are released when a person smiles. It’s much easier for a person to smile than to frown- research has shown that this is a true statement because the body has to work harder to use the muscles used in frowning than in smiling! Did you know that babies are born knowing how to smile? Sure, they learn lots of things from what they see, but even babies that are born blind can smile! When you feel pleasure or happiness, you smile! That is so beautiful! What an amazing gift each of us possesses within ourselves to promote our...

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To Travel Is To Live

Hans Christian Andersen said, “To travel is to live.” Oh how true that quote is to my world. I have MASSIVE wanderlust; I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to many parts of this world of ours, and even though I’ve visited 20+ countries, I realize I’ve only scratched the surface of our gorgeous globe. Reflecting on my travels, I am reminded of where I came from. Born to incredibly hard-working, blue collar parents. Taking yearly holiday to an island in Lake Erie just 2 hours from home. Going to Disney World 3 times throughout my childhood. Driving 3 hours...

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In The Daily Life Of Dr. Jessica Emery

A very important aspect of Dr. Jessica Emery’s lifestyle is a particular morning ritual of hers. She wakes between 5-5.30 am & walks a block to the shore of Lake Michigan. This is as necessary for her as a cup of joe is to others. To Dr. Emery, this is a sort of “meditation” to her. Hearing the lapping waves, feeling the breeze, and not generally another person in sight all do wonders for her psyche. She breathes in the air and feels a sense of calm and peace that is essential fuel for her day. Life happens and...

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Working Life And Why It’s Awesome

Dr. Emery and her team LOVE their jobs. Honestly. Ask any of them & you’ll get the same response! We recognize that this is not always the case, but we’re hopeful that you’ll find some snippet of satisfaction while reading this blog! You will want to check back to this blog often! Throughout various issues of this blog, we’ll be sharing stories of other hard working folks, tips & tidbits to help you love your job & workspace, and latest trends on ways of...

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Latest Beauty Trends

I was recently diagnosed with a melanoma. This does not strike anyone as a happy topic, for sure, but it’s one that’s quite prevalent with more than 200,000 cases diagnosed each year. I’ve always been a LOVER of sun. Sitting in the warm rays is my kind of therapy- always relaxing for me to just sit, read, or sleep in the sunshine. Sadly, years of not wearing any protection on my skin have caused non-reversible damage. Luckily for me, though, my melanoma was detected in an early stage, and so with surgery, that particular spot of cancer is gone...

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Women everyday struggle on trying to find the perfect outfit for the busy work day. Unlike a medical field profession, women are stuck with a uniform that may be quite comfortable, but it also gives these hard working professionals no sense of confidence. Who wants to walk around with pants that hang off your bottom or when you feel like you’re wearing a top that makes you look like a potato sack. No one wants to look or feel frumpy while on the train and walking down the sidewalk. Women want to feel good and know that how they...

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Super Foods

Everyone knows that time of day when you glance at the clock and it says 2 PM. You still have a big chunk of your day left and you feel sleepy and not motivated. That’s when you think that you need a coffee break. Instead of ordering that Venti Soy Vanilla Latte from Starbucks, how about you save your wallet a few bucks and grab a healthy alternative! Dark Chocolate Did you know dark chocolate has a similar affect to caffeine? Amazingly, there is actually caffeine inside the seeds of the cocoa tree, where chocolate becomes produced. Those seeds,...

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