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Hello 2018!

  Hello 2018!!   It’s been an amazing 6 months since my last post!!   I am officially the proud owner of 3 AWESOME businesses PLUS I’m busy hustling to create content for an exciting launch!  (Stay tuned!!)  We are only 1 month into 2018 and I feel energized and optimistic about what’s in store!!   Need reminding of what my 3 businesses are?  Sugar Fix Dental Loft is my first business!!  I practice 3-4 days a week and I positively LOVE the space & white-glove service model that I’ve created for my patients.  My second business is dental soiree.  Dental...

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Summer In The City!

July is here and what an amazing first month of summer it has been! Between Cubs games at Wrigley Field, vacations, and some BBQ action, we have to say we’re loving summer in the city! Chicago has always been known for its beautiful summer days and nights, not only because of the weather but because the city just becomes alive. We all break out of our shell from the gloomy winter and become smiling faces making our way out to the local beaches and rooftop patios. Sugar Fix Dental Loft has been a busy spot in Lakeview. In between...

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Change in My World

Change is hard.   I couldn’t wait for 2017 to get here.  I had a relatively newish team in January at work & was so excited to make 2017 our best year yet.  I couldn’t wait to make changes to my diet & exercise habits in 2017.  I also was excited to work more closely with Andrew on incorporating more “play” into our world.     And here I find myself on March 8, already onto the 3rd chapter in my 12 month 2017 book, and I’m realizing that things are STILL changing in my world.   My team...

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A Few of My Favorite Things

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…these are a few of my favorite things.  Isn’t that how the song goes?  I REALLY have spring on my mind lately and I have to laugh as I write this because light snowflakes are falling.   Soon though, those snowflakes will be replaced with rain clouds and before we know it, tulips will be popping up through the dirt. I can hardly wait!!!   I’d love to fill you in a few of my favorite spring essentials!  Before I ever pull out my flip-flops, a pedicure is a must!! I also love...

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Lessons My Parents Taught Me

I was just in Florida recharging my batteries.  The management pipes music throughout the entire complex that I stay at which is something that I absolutely love.  One of the days as I was sitting by the pool, I heard this song come on.  I’m not a regular listener of country music, but the lyrics of this song really struck me.  Here are the words to the song HUMBLE & KIND by Tim McGraw: You know there’s a lot that goes by the front door Don’t forget the keys under the mat Childhood stars shine, always stay humble and...

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The Beach is Calling Me.

I can’t even tell you how stressful things have been in my world lately.  New year…so many changes.   As you know from my last 2 blog entries about habits, I’ve revamped my personal life to include exercise and diet improvements.   These changes in my personal habits are SOOO good, but definitely leave me feeling more tired!  Thankfully all of that hard work is paying off, I’m seeing changes in how my clothes are fitting and that makes me very happy.   I’ve also had to make some difficult changes at the office with my team.  Change can...

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Just Another Day at The Office? Not Really!

Monday, January 30th was not just another day at the office!     As you know, I’m the owner of Sugar Fix Dental Loft in Lakeview (Chicago), Illinois.  On a typical Monday, my team has an administrative day.  They get the office ready for the week, call patients, order supplies, etc.  But on this particular Monday we opened our doors to some VERY creative women for full-day photo shoot.     Let me explain.  We are partnering with the owners of Moonfish to host a pop-up here at The Loft on March 10-13th.  Anyone that knows me knows how much...

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Habits Part II…New habits to try to incorporate into my world!

Habits…Part 2.  Last week I wrote about incorporating habits into my world to help me be a more fit person.  This week, I’m going to write about the habits that I really, really need to work on, my eating habits.   Here’s the scoop…on the days that I’m practicing (seeing patients, completing treatments, basically “in the mouth” which I LOOOOVE soooo much) I keep my patients at the very top of my priority list.  Eating (and hydrating) goes to the wayside.  And I know that’s not good.  I’m a doctor.  I don’t take the time to nourish or hydrate...

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Habits. I’m Working on Creating New Habits.

Habits…I’m contemplating habits. This was spurred by my morning routine.  Each morning, while in the throes of getting dressed, I would find myself totally irritated that the clothes I wore yesterday were on my closet floor!  Normally, by the time I go to bed each night, I’m completely exhausted and sloppy.  Rather than let my clothes pile up (and consequently each morning finding myself irritated) I tried changing my habit.  When I put my pajamas on each night, I would put my clothes in the hamper.  I found myself surprisingly happier each morning!  A simple fix!   Here are several definitions...

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New Year…New Me…

Happy 2017!  The tail end of 2016 really crept up on me & before I knew it, it was 2017!  New Year…   This year on New Year’s Eve, I was “single parenting.”  Andrew was in the UK visiting family.  The kids and I put on our jammies and pretended it was midnight at 8pm!  I had sparkling grape juice for them and we toasted the new year with our clinking glasses.  Then it was off to bed for them!     I was so excited to snuggle up in a blanket and read an entrepreneurial book that I’ve had my eye on for some time.  It was an awesome opportunity for me to have some quiet time in front of the fireplace and to just relax.  I did have a good laugh thinking about my younger years when I’d be out partying and having the best time.  But I was actually EXCITED to have a quiet New Year’s Eve.     No sooner had I poured myself a glass of champs and laid down with my fuzzy blanket over my lap, did my daughter Paige come downstairs and got sick all over my closet floor!  So much for my peaceful evening!     Isn’t this how it goes though, being a working mommy & feeling like so little time is quiet and peaceful in the house. My poor, sweet...

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