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Is Fabletics Truly Fab?

If you are anything like me, you may have a slight obsession with athletic clothes. It feels like a pair of yoga pants is a common go to in a woman’s closet these days. May it be for lounging, running errands, or actually going to work out. But instead of a common...

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Dental Diaries Reviews Rent The Runway

We all have dresses that we wear over and over again that we just love in our closet. But the moment that we get a special invite, the first thing that usually goes through a girl’s mind is, I need a new dress.And what better option is there, then going through...

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Women everyday struggle on trying to find the perfect outfit for the busy work day. Unlike a medical field profession, women are stuck with a uniform that may be quite comfortable, but it also gives these hard working professionals no sense of confidence. Who wants to...

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