We all have dresses that we wear over and over again that we just love in our closet. But the moment that we get a special invite, the first thing that usually goes through a girl’s mind is, I need a new dress.And what better option is there, then going through hundreds of designer dresses, and renting them for half the price?

Rent The Runway is where you are able to go online and go through pages of dresses for you to decide on what type you are in need of. Do you have a black tie wedding coming up? Or you are meeting his parents for the first time and want to look really good. No matter the occasion, Rent The Runway has a dress for you.

I’ve rented in the past from them and always loved the experience. I was in need of a formal cocktail dress for a friend’s upcoming wedding and knew I had to go through them again. It was going to be a little toasty, so I knew I needed something that was eye catching, but breathable at the same time. I had originally picked out a really cute, all black Kate Spade dress with bows on the shoulders. But the day before I was scheduled to leave, they sent me an email stating that the dress was no longer available due to damage. I will admit, I panicked a bit. I had zero time to go and search for a new dress. But they were giving me the option to upgrade to a more expensive dress, free of cost. As well as them overnighting it to me.

I ended up going with another adorable Kate Spade dress that I have actually seen on their website in passing. But it is always tricky on sizing when not being able to try on the dress right in front of you. Thankfully, Rent The Runway has thought of it all. They let you pick two sizes to send, and you decide what fits you best. For this event, I chose a shorter cocktail dress. But in the past, I’ve had to go for a longer, more formal gown. Now I’m petite and never have been tall, so I knew I had to have something that would fit my length perfectly without hemming. Thankfully, Rent The Runway also has petite sizes, as well as a tall option for women who need that extra length.

I would highly recommend renting a dress over buying when you know you truly will only wear it once. And on top of it, you get to be in beautiful, designer gowns for a minimum price.