Time never seems to slow down for me!  As a #GirlBoss, I am in constant motion.  Managing my practice.  Being a mommy & a wife.  Managing my 2nd business, dental soiree.  And I love it!  I’m telling you, I have so many creative ideas and I positively LOVE learning!



Leaving Arizona…


This week was no exception.  On Sunday, I flew to Arizona to a 3-day workshop.  I also flew out 2 of my team members to join me.  You can read a blog about NextCon16.  It was a whirlwind of amazing presenters, information, and networking!  LOVE IT!!



On the plane to Chicago!


So, in true #GirlBoss style, I landed in Chicago at 8:40pm on Wednesday night.  Then I drove home to unpack my Arizona suitcase and quickly re-packed my suitcase to head to Florida.  (I had to cancel my last trip there due to Hurricane Matthew.)  I use this time in Florida to be completely uninterrupted in my creative zone…I work on marketing for Sugar Fix Dental Loft and now I’m also working with my new baby, dental soiree.



Landing in Chicago…ready to be home for less than 6 hours!!!


So, this morning (Thursday) at 3:45am the taxi arrived to drive me back to the airport!  Florida…here I come!!




Leaving the house at 3:45am to head back to the airport!


I had a beautiful flight this morning and now I am here, ready to relax and let my creative juices flow!  I plan to work on my marketing plans for 2017 to include photo & video shoots as well as blogs for both Sugar Fix and dental soiree.  I am so proud that I am just about ready to wrap-up all of the work I’ve done with my first 3 clients through dental soiree…already have several other doctors in the pipeline, which is such an awesome feeling!  I am so blessed that other doctors recognize what I can provide them creatively for their websites and social media marketing!






So…until my next blog entry…I’m happily in Florida working away…and then in 5 days I’ll be heading to Boston to spend Thanksgiving with my parents and my sister & her family!  I can’t wait!