A very important aspect of Dr. Jessica Emery’s lifestyle is a particular morning ritual of hers. She wakes between 5-5.30 am & walks a block to the shore of Lake Michigan. This is as necessary for her as a cup of joe is to others.

To Dr. Emery, this is a sort of “meditation” to her. Hearing the lapping waves, feeling the breeze, and not generally another person in sight all do wonders for her psyche. She breathes in the air and feels a sense of calm and peace that is essential fuel for her day.

Life happens and there are some days that that walk on the shoreline doesn’t happen for Dr. Emery. On those days, she really can feel the difference she says. She’s a bit more sluggish and not quite as upbeat. So, she has to find her “fix” in other ways. For Dr. Emery, that would be hitting the mat. The yoga mat, that is!

Other methods that Dr. Emery utilizes to help de-stress her body and mind are massage therapy, getting manicures & pedicures, even getting her hair blown-out. And of course, retail therapy is ALWAYS helpful!!

Through the course of this blog, we’ll be highlighting various aspects of Dr. Emery’s life, as well as other folks, plus tips and hints from different sources on how to live your most authentic life!