Back in January (when I did my last blog post… eek!) I talked about my three awesome businesses and I hinted that another launch was on the way. A few weeks ago, I did it! I launched business number four: Soiree Stock.

As you know, I am passionate about social media and marketing, and I love to help dentists grow their practice and promote the awesome work they do online. A big part of doing this is by using professional quality photography that really speaks to people. With so much to distract us online, you have to have really great imagery on your social media feeds and websites so you can stop people in their tracks.

Since I love photography and have a good understanding of what works online, I decided to create Soiree Stock, a styled stock photography subscription service. It’s not just for dentists, either. Everyone can take advantage of the photography I style, shoot, edit, and curate… although I do have a special section for dental professionals because that’s where my heart belongs!

I am super excited about this new business and can’t wait to keep producing gorgeous images with my talented team. I know that by doing so, I am going to help a lot of creative entrepreneurs, dental practices, and other professionals find more business and more success through their online marketing efforts.

Check Out Soiree Stock!

Want to take a look at the gorgeous new website we just launched? Of course you do! Head on over to to check it out, and if this is something you think could help you, I’m giving away a set of styled stock photos! Feel free to grab them and use them on Instagram, Facebook, on your website… whenever you need some fresh images!

I add at least 50 new photos on the first of each month, so I’ve been brainstorming all kinds of great photo themes that I can offer, and scouring my favorite shops for unique props that I can use. Talk about a dream job! That’s the thing. People might think I’m crazy for having four businesses, but if I’m having the best time ever, why stop? I live every single moment to the fullest because I believe that’s what we’re here to do!

My goal moving forward is to post on a more regular basis and keep you updated on what’s happening with me and my businesses. I love being able to share what makes me smile with you, and keeping in touch is SO important to me. I hope the spring has been kind to you and I can’t wait to check in again soon with more exciting updates from the life of Dr. Jessica Emery!