“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.” William Arthur Ward penned that phrase that we think is just perfect!

It’s true that no matter where you are in the world, smiles are universal. And that TRULY makes us smile! Want to know what else makes us smile? The fact that there is scientific research that supports the benefits that smiling has on people!

Did you know that there is science that actually supports the important benefits of smiling? Smiles can use up to 53 different muscles! Wow! Smiling can also help boost your immune system! Therapists even suggest that if a person can force themselves to smile while experiencing a low mood, they can feel a marked difference in their spirit. Smiles relieve stress in a person as endorphins are released when a person smiles. It’s much easier for a person to smile than to frown- research has shown that this is a true statement because the body has to work harder to use the muscles used in frowning than in smiling!

Did you know that babies are born knowing how to smile? Sure, they learn lots of things from what they see, but even babies that are born blind can smile! When you feel pleasure or happiness, you smile! That is so beautiful!

What an amazing gift each of us possesses within ourselves to promote our own well-being! And despite those interesting facts, sharing your smile has this amazing ability to make others feel good. Smiles are good for the giver & receiver! And that TRULY makes us smile!!!

Go ahead, give it up & smile ‘til your heart’s content! It’s a beautiful gift you can give to others & it’s good for you at the same time!