Happy 2017!  The tail end of 2016 really crept up on me & before I knew it, it was 2017!  New Year…

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This year on New Year’s Eve, I was “single parenting.”  Andrew was in the UK visiting family.  The kids and I put on our jammies and pretended it was midnight at 8pm!  I had sparkling grape juice for them and we toasted the new year with our clinking glasses.  Then it was off to bed for them!


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Paige & Blake on New Year’s Eve


I was so excited to snuggle up in a blanket and read an entrepreneurial book that I’ve had my eye on for some time.  It was an awesome opportunity for me to have some quiet time in front of the fireplace and to just relax.  I did have a good laugh thinking about my younger years when I’d be out partying and having the best time.  But I was actually EXCITED to have a quiet New Year’s Eve.


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No sooner had I poured myself a glass of champs and laid down with my fuzzy blanket over my lap, did my daughter Paige come downstairs and got sick all over my closet floor!  So much for my peaceful evening!


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Isn’t this how it goes though, being a working mommy & feeling like so little time is quiet and peaceful in the house. My poor, sweet Paige…despite her yucky tummy, I was still able to savor the snuggles with her.  Comforting to her, comforting to me.  The carpet can be cleaned and replaced if need be, I can read that book some other time; for now I choose to savor these snuggly moments.   They are fleeting, I know.


I was worried which of my other kids might come down with whatever Paige had, as you know, sickness in one can create the domino effect in a house.  The next day, everyone was feeling surprisingly great so we began “gutting” the house.  Spring cleaning on January 1st.  The kids helped me and we had so much fun!  All the while, we listened to music and took silly pictures!  We started in the library, one of our most favorite rooms in the house.  We had GOBS of kids books, that were really more like toddler books.  I was ready to have them love those books one more time and then donate!


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We moved into another room that houses a closet that I have dumped and stored things in for the past year.  The kids helped me with that as well!  In that closet, I unearthed photo props and cards, stationary, stickers, and all of my Apple product boxes!  The kids helped me sort and organize everything.  We donated A LOT from that closet as well!  The kids were so cooperative, I was THRILLED!  We proceeded to go through all of the rooms, bedrooms, etc. and we cleaned through everything!  It was AMAZING!!


So, here we are on January 19th & my house seems to be standing just a bit taller (it’s certainly cleaner!) and my kids helped not only clean up their space but also learned to let go of some gently used playthings to donate to others.  And they found it made them feel great!


Happy New Year!