As I sit at my desk today, I am amazed that it is November 29th.  This month has FLOWN by!  It seems like just yesterday the kids were getting ready to start school, yet here we are nearly ready for winter.


The sun is shining in Chicago today!  It’s my first day back at Sugar Fix in 2 whole weeks!  I took 2 of my team members with me to NextCon16 in Arizona 2 weeks ago.  We learned SOOO much!  It was awesome & I’m so glad that we went!


I then flew to Florida to really get my brain relax.  I do my best thinking in Florida; it’s where I can calm everything down and really focus in on my ideas for Sugar Fix, Dental Soiree, and The Dental Diaries for the coming year.  I even spent some time thinking about myself.  What makes me tick, what makes me feel inspired, what I feel passionate about.  I’ve come back to something that I truly love- YOGA.


Ahhh~ relaxation at the beach!


I know it’s not for every one, but yoga works for me.  While doing yoga, I am slow & methodical in my movements I just force myself to remain centered and strong.  How can this be bad for anyone?  I’ve recently started going to hot yoga- oh my- it’s amazing!  If you haven’t tried it, I really think you should!






My husband, kids, and I then flew to Boston to spend Thanksgiving with dad, mom, and my sister & her family.  It was JUST what the doctor ordered; great chats catching up with my dear sister and her children, reminiscing with my dad and mom, and all of the amazing smells of Thanksgiving around us!  We laughed so much and just had a wonderful 4 days there!  I am so thankful & blessed for my awesome family.



My AWESOME family!


December is already looking really full!  Holiday parties, holiday concerts at the kids schools, and a special night with my team at the office!  I’m really looking forward to all of those events as well!