I can’t even tell you how stressful things have been in my world lately.  New year…so many changes.


As you know from my last 2 blog entries about habits, I’ve revamped my personal life to include exercise and diet improvements.   These changes in my personal habits are SOOO good, but definitely leave me feeling more tired!  Thankfully all of that hard work is paying off, I’m seeing changes in how my clothes are fitting and that makes me very happy.


I’ve also had to make some difficult changes at the office with my team.  Change can be so hard, even if it’s necessary.


Like most families- massive illness has struck my family as well.  Poor Blake was VERY sick and had to be hospitalized for a night.  And then Morgan got sick.  I really could feel myself wearing down…


the dental diaries//beach


And the beach was calling.  Thankfully, this trip has been planned for some time.  And I couldn’t be more thankful.  My kids are healthy again, I’ve hired some excellent new team members, and now I’m here.  I’m sitting on the beach as I write this and my heart couldn’t be more at peace.


the dental diaries//beach



My incredible husband snuck Valentine’s gifts into my suitcase for me to open yesterday when I arrived in Florida.  I hate to brag, but that man fills my heart and speaks my love language.  He gave me the most beautiful sweater from Wooden Ships that he knew I had my eye on.  But even more was the gift that he made himself.  He put together an album of all of our love letters and included pictures from those different periods of time.  He’s flying here to join me tomorrow and we’ll spend my birthday together in the warm Florida sunshine and I can hardly wait for him to get here!!


the dental diaries//beach


While I’m in Florida, I truly feel like I can relax and regroup  I have an opportunity to read several books while I’m here.  I can also maintain my new habits because I can take morning jogs as well as work out in the gorgeous hotel facility.  There is incredibly healthy food that I can order, so I’m not going to lose any ground that I’ve made with my new habits.

the Dental Diaries//beach

This handy little contraption allows me to stay charged while I’m sitting on the beach- a solar charger!!

the Dental Diaries//beach



One of the many books I plan to read this week while I’m in Florida.  I’ll let you know all about once I’m done!!






I am beyond blessed.


With a grateful heart,

Jessica xoxoxo