What makes you smile?

“My mom makes me smile, that’s pretty much the only thing.”

“My son, my husband, jokes.”

“Animals, being with friends, family.”

“Jokes, people being happy, it just sets the mood for the day being happy and laughing, smiling, make somebody else smile.”

What’s the benefit of having a good smile?

“It’s the most important thing.”

“It’s everything to most people, so a good smile is what you lead with.”

“I think it’s life, a little bit. ” I think it shows peoples’ charisma and character.”

“You draw in people when you smile.  You look happy, you look confident – you’re a better person when you smile.”

“A good job, relationships. You always want to have a good smile because people approach you.”

“Stained teeth, no one needs that.  Good veneers, good teeth, a good smile is really, really important in life.”

“A smile is a good start to a good day.”

“To bite the light.”

“A smile is a lifetime of happiness.”

“A smile is a great start to the day.”